State Industries

How to order grommets

Every grommet is custom made to your specifications, including size, material, and quantity. We fabricate grommets for any application you might have.

To order a custom grommet:

Grommet Dimensions
  1. Refer to the diagram above, and take precise measurements of the grommet (in MM or inches.) Make sure and specify dimensions A, B, and C.
  2. Contact us to discuss the application and exact durometer required (see below.)
  3. Provide us with the measurements of the grommet as per above.
  4. Advise us of the quantity you are looking for.
  5. We will provide you with a quote that specifies the exact measurements, durometer, and quantity of grommets you require.
  6. Once the quote is accepted, we will provide you with several sample grommets for your evaluation.
  7. Your grommet will be added to our production process, and a delivery date will be determined at the time of your order.

How to determine hardness (durometer) for your application

Hardness of polyurethane is determined by “durometer.” This instrument measures resistance to penetration of an indenter point onto the polyurethane surface. A pointer moves across the scale to show the resistance to penetration.

Scales on the durometer read values of 0 to 100. Two scales are commonly used for polyurethane:

  • The “A” scale for soft materials
  • The “D” scale for harder materials.

An example of durometer measurements is shown in the chart below.